8 Heathview Gardens


The private residential house was extended and improved by the construction of a basement under the house and gardens for a large swimming pool, gym, winter garden, etc.

In late 2018 CDS was appointed by Lifestyle Projects to design all the temporary works scheme on this project.

This involved:

  • Design of crane base for Liebherr 32TT crane, which was stationed for the duration of the excavation works.
  • Design of temporary needling to all the existing masonry wall (external and internal), such that the whole house was on temporary supports.
  • Design of temporary steel beams and RMD/Mabey props to support all the needles.
  • Providing location and loadings for the internal temporary concrete bored piles designed by Berry Piling.
  • Design of temporary concrete frames (columns and beams) over the bored piles to support both the temporary and permanent steel beams.
  • Design of temporary RMD/Mabey bracings for stability.
  • Review of the weekly monitoring reports.
  • Design of temporary propping to perimeter secant piled walls designed by Berry Piling.
  • Providing surcharge loads to Berry Piling and review of their secant pile design report.
  • Design of capping beams (with corbels) over the secant piled walls.
  • Review of steel fabrication drawings.
  • Providing loads for flat jacks and supervising jacking operations on site.
  • Concrete underpinning.
  • Assessment of remaining temporary piles and columns by removing some columns and piles early.
  • Strengthening steel beam connections.
  • Advise on injection grouting.
  • Assessment to secant piled retaining wall by removing temporary props early.
  • Regular site meetings and review of permanent works designs.
  • Providing reinforcement drawings and bar bending schedules .
8 Heathview Gardens